Monday, April 26, 2010

The Laundry Bowl

We have a papasan at our house. I bought the papasan when I was in college from a friends garage sale for twenty dollars. We have never had an abundance of furniture and the extra chair has always been helpful. We have now been married for six years and our furniture collection has grown. We have toyed with the idea of getting rid of the papasan, but there is one thing that stands in the way, it is now much more important than a piece of furniture or a chair it is “the laundry bowl.” I try to wait until the “bowl” is full before I even think about folding or putting away my laundry. I usually have clean clothes, they are just in piles around the house, and the papasan brings some organization to my laundry style. When I pass the papasan day after day full of my laundry I often wonder, what do people do without a “laundry bowl?” I know there have to be mothers out there who do not immediately put their laundry away, so, where do you put yours? I would highly recommend a papasan they work wonderfully!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A shower on the third day...

So every three days I have to wash my hair. I know that this is different for every mom, and the way that mothers accomplish this task is also different. I usually shower my girls in the morning, our evenings are usually to busy for baths or showers, and so on a day I wash my hair this can be quite the process. Today I decided I would document this process.

I get in and wash my hair, during this time Ivy (9 months) is usually in the bouncer while Lily (4 years) on a good day entertains her.
I then get out undress Ivy and bring her in, Lily usually gets in at this point too, some days she takes a bath in the bathtub next to the shower instead.
Next I rinse and wash, oh and cuddle Ivy, while Lily usually sings at the top of her lungs and plays.
I take Ivy out and put her in the swinging chair where she waits patiently as long as she has had her turn in the shower!
Then its Lily's turn! I wash her and then myself.
Then while Lily continues to play and Ivy continues to swing I dry off and get dressed.
I then lotion up Ivy and get a diaper on her.
Finally Lily gets to get out of the shower(or bath) and I get both girls dressed.

It is quite the process and I didn't even get to drying and styling yet! It is a bad combination when I need to wash my hair and both girls are in need of a shower, but we make it work and this is how. Years ago the lack of showers and hot water would have eliminated this problem for a mother. It is nice having a fresh smelling baby and clean hair, but sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't rather the smell.

An Introduction

I have a degree in Anthropology and I am a mother of two. I have felt the need to some how use or at least pretend like I am using this degree in my life. I would love to be working at a museum or continuing my education, but I am emersed in the joys of motherhood right now. This blog is my outlet, my way of having fun as a mom and also trying to study a culture-mine! Ethnoscience has been used by many, and I know that this will be an emic study and biased, but I am excited to look at any culture. It will be a field journal and full of day to day life, and it will most likely be very silly.